AmeyBriggs win at Weston College Business Awards

Weston-Super-Mare’s prestigious Winter Gardens venue played host to the highly anticipated Weston College Business Awards last night.

The event brought together 250 distinguished guests for an inspiring celebration of learners and local employers who have worked closely with the college to offer work-placed opportunities to people taking their first steps in their career.

This year Weston College revamped their awards and rather than separating out learner and employer awards, they celebrated partnerships – so both learner and employer were recognised in the same award.

The awards were presented across various categories, including apprenticeships, traineeships, and industry placements.

With 12 winners announced on the evening, amongst them was the Luke Wheaton Engineering and Automotive Partnership Award and AmeyBriggs with Damien Pearcey (MITER Plant Operator) were announced as the winner.

Interim Principal of the Weston College Group, Jacqui Ford, said: “It was fantastic to celebrate and showcase not only the exceptional talent and dedication of our learners but also the invaluable support and collaboration of our esteemed employer network, at the Weston College Business Awards.  The overwhelming number of nominations we received is a testament to the high standards and relentless commitment demonstrated by our learners. Each learner showed exceptional drive and ambition, making us immensely proud of their accomplishments.  At Weston College we love working with employers that are as passionate as us, about creating brighter futures, and AmeyBriggs are the perfect example of that.  We are also proud of Damien who has shown fantastic dedication and made significant contributions to AmeyBriggs.   Congratulations to both AmeyBriggs and Damien.”

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