Whole Force Approach and Training

The Whole Force Approach contract aims to find the best possible mix of Regular, Reserve, MOD civilian and contractor personnel for any given task.

MITER Whole Force Approach personnel are in addition to, not instead of, regular Army personnel, to be used as Contractors, CONDO (Contractors on Deployed Operations) or Sponsored Reserves.

AmeyBriggs actively recruit both ex-Forces and industry competent personnel for these roles.

Contractors are AmeyBriggs employees supporting MITER or other subsidiary defence contracts. Typically, they will operate in the UK or a permanent overseas location.

CONDO personnel are AmeyBriggs employees operating overseas. This role involves providing support to the MITER equipment fleet on an MOD operation. CONDO employees are under the protection of the MOD.

Sponsored Reserves operate as Army Reservists at home or overseas. Training and operations are under Army command and control. Recruits sign up as a special member of the Army Reserve. Once accepted, there’s a legal obligation to undertake military training and to accept call out as a member of the Armed Forces.

The Army Reserve is the largest of the Reserve Forces. It provides support to the Regular Army at home and overseas. Its soldiers come from all walks of life. They work part time for the British Army alongside full time Regulars. Throughout its history, Reservists have been involved in almost all major operations.


Please see below the two roles we are recruiting for:

If you’re interested in either of these roles, please email mark.cowling@ameybriggs.co.uk.

To deliver Project MITER we’re looking to recruit up to 71 equipment operators and maintenance engineers. There are three key roles:

  • Plant Operator
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Advanced MHE Operator

Employment is on a special Whole Force Approach (Personnel) contract.

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